10 years of DIG

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  • Song Name: DIG 10 year Reunion
  • Artist: Prodig
  • Year: 2007

Ten and a half years ago on 15 May 1996 a group of anoraks met in a damp dark cellar (better known as Ian McKinnell's brightly lit second floor studio in London) to plot the digital overthrow of the photographic industry... or so it was perceived by those who worked with film at the time. They became known as the Digital Imaging Group.

That same group of people met on 18 January 2007 once again in Ian McKinnell's studio... to review the last ten years and look at what digital photography holds in store for the future.

Attending were Bob Marchant, Ian McKinnell, Mike Russell, Ed Horwich, Martin Evening, Adam Woolfitt, Colin Thomas, Carl Lyttle, Mike Laye, Douglas Fisher, Paul Webster, Rod Wynne-Powell.

The evening kicked off by watching a CD video presentation about all this new fangled digital stuff, which we published exactly ten years ago. It featured interviews with a cross section from the industry at the time, ad agencies, digital experts etc. They talk about how they regarded the digital images media at the time, what they predicted for its future and just how long that might take. Its amazing how accurate some of those predictions have been.

Colin Thomas then proceeded to sit us down and start a round table discussion taking a look back at where this digital journey had taken us each individually and what our predictions were for the next ten years.